Outdoor / Indoor Interior Designs in Bangalore

Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury.

Coco Chanel

Whether it is a porch, pool or a patio, private outdoor spaces are an extension to the indoor living spaces of your luxurious or cozy dream homes. Our outdoor space designers thus create luxurious outside lounge in accordance to the personal likeness and style in close of the esteemed clientele. Looking to create home interiors that is both exquisitely beautiful yet highly functional.

Design Arc Interior is an interior decor and interior designing company consisting of a highly creative group of interior designing professionals offering customized services in creating environments for indoor/outdoor living spaces. Today's home designing is also about integration of indoor spaces and outdoor spaces. The designers at Design Arc Interior are highly skilful in this seamless integration of indoor residential living spaces with outdoor residential living space.

Residential Interior

Design Arc Interiors make design-savvy living spaces that integrate both outdoor and indoor spaces. These indoor-outdoor retreats are perfect for entertaining guests or relaxing, particularly custom-designed in accordance to the personal likeness and activity-driven lifestyles of our clients. Our interior-designing professionals design home interior spaces that flow into a garden, terrace, portico or other outdoor environments thus accentuating the architecture of your home. This seamless integration and merging of the indoor and outdoor living spaces thus excite one's senses and make home environments a living pleasure.

Contemporary home architecture is more and more blurring the indoor/outdoor boundaries. This is done to heighten the pleasure and comfort of living in a collection of well-designed spaces. Each space is so designed that we create our own language of comfort and luxury, dissolving boundaries of indoor and outdoor used for relaxation and entertainment.

Design Arc Interiors bespoke designed outdoor/indoor home living spaces flow seamlessly into one another, as well as complementing one another. These design-savvy spaces with detail to ambience lighting therefore aesthetically enhance homes thus providing a lifestyle improvement.

Creating the most exclusive environment for your indoor/outdoor living spaces!