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Office Space Interior Design Company in Bangalore

Turnkey Office Interior Designer in Bangalore

Design Arc interiors are one of the most prominent turnkey office interior designer interior designer based in Bangalore. We offer benefits that set us apart from the rest by dealing with your whole venture from idea to finishing while promising that the outcomes will be on time and inside spending plan. Our architects have the unique capacity to join your requirements with their inventiveness and information of the business.

Our very much prepared originators lay key accentuation on your solace level with regards to planning your working environment. We comprehend that a working environment needs a perfect atmosphere that can stimulate its work to compel to convey their best. Our prime saying while outlining the workplace space is to make an atmosphere so that you and your colleagues feel good and invigorated. We guarantee you with best quality work whether you claim a multinational organization or a home-developed start-up.

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  • 01Design Consulting

    With regards to rearranging, now and then it's easy to get overpowered by a large number of paint hues, texture choices, flooring materials and different determinations you have to make. Why not remove botheration from your next rebuilding venture by working with an inside outline expert? We at Design Arc Interiors will help you refine your stylish vision, give data about various materials and all around make your refurbishing background bother free.

  • 02Engineering services

    We are a leading engineering and Interior plan benefit supplier in Bangalore and around. As an accomplished inside compositional consultancy, we are responsible for upgrading your reality in the way you need. We give full cluster administrations and ensure that every one of the necessities of our customers is satisfied under one rooftop. We are resolved to provide you with exquisite plans prevalent quality. Our prime adage is to give unique and thorough plan arrangements. Our work verbalizes our devotion and commitment toward making original plans. The creation of thoughts, materials, and the controls of hues say a lot about the work that we convey. We have some expertise in giving consultancy and undertaking turnkey extends at all levels.

  • 03Procurement and Construction

    Our procurement specific professionals have the inventiveness and experience to make the acquisition procedure run smoothly. It's our exceptional tender loving care, stable seller connections, focused evaluation system and sorted out venture plans that permit us to finish your venture with excellent progression.

  • 04Migration Management

    We utilize the best and most experienced installers to ensure the last result lives up to everybody's desires. All items are introduced effectively, per our gauges and determinations. An itemized punch list created toward the end of the venture guarantees that we finish each part of your new plan to your most extreme fulfilment.

  • 05Project Management

    Our Project Managers are your contact for the whole venture. They should convey and execute your needs and needs while ensuring everything runs productively through plan, acquisition, and establishment. By working intimately with you, our group, the designer, merchants, and general temporary workers, they guarantee a composed, all around executed venture all the way.

  • 06IT infrastructure service

    Today's foundation is under serious weight to work at the speed of business—that implies being mixed with the skill to adjust as fast as clients and the market request. Staying aggressive in the perpetually changing advanced scene requires foreseeing change before it happens with a foundation that focuses on improving the client encounter. Our IT Infrastructure Services influence our aptitude in new-era change models to change your IT scene and furnishing

  • 07After sales service

    After-deals support is an administration that gives after stock or administrations have sold. Most after-deals bolster includes a certification, guarantee, redesign or repair benefit. The after-deals bolster at Design Arc Interiors incorporates an extensive exhibit of administrations that oblige shoppers. It is intended to help a client in utilizing an item effectively, which could produce rehash clients, create mark dependability among clients and guarantee consumer loyalty.


Design Arc provides one stop interiors and decor solutions in Bangalore city. Being a decade old company in the silicon city, we have an understanding of its cosmopolitan lifestyle and the varied preferences of its dwellers. Be it classy, warm and vibrant home interiors or elegant, edgy but equally tranquil office interior spaces or useful and functional commercial interior spaces we deliver it all.

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Office Interior Design Company in Bangalore

Good office design is essential for more than merely maximizing usable space in one's office - it can primarily support and advance the organization in so many ways. The initial impressions judge offices by clients and employees find their productivity and morale both boosted when an office space is excellent. Hence, office design is a chief element towards ensuring the success of the business. Bangalore, India's very own Silicon Valley, has a plethora of good office interior design companies which act as one-stop solutions for all types of commercial space interior designs.

Office interior design companies in Bangalore enliven the many workplaces in Bangalore, right from MNCs and conglomerates to start-up spaces, by employing their designing concepts and making "living" spaces a pleasant experience. The top office interior design companies in Bangalore, such as Design Arc, make use of premium interior designs and plans based on the latest technology and styling materials on the market, creating fascinating interior concepts. Most of the best office interior design companies in Bangalore, including Design Arc, look to serve the entire spectrum of internal design needs, including IT spaces, spa architecture, restaurants and resorts, hotels, and corporate offices.

So, why should companies in Bangalore go in for office interior design companies at all? There are several reasons for this. The first is the cost vs value factor. Office spaces are expensive real estate today, with heating, lighting, business rates, and taxes adding up the prices. A majority of businesses grapple with keeping up with these costs, pushing small businesses to limits. Where interior designers come in, helping you recover these costs in the best and quickest possible way the company can survive. Interior designers also help the office in cluttering less by doing away with available chairs, outdated desks, box files, paperwork, and the like. Interior designers help offices don new, modern looks, which helps reinvigorate and reenergize the employees. Evolving the business and giving the employees a feeling of importance and recognition. If you're looking to redesign your office for low-cost operations and minimal interruptions completely, then office interior designers are your best bet. They know what it is precisely that the business requires and how to obtain all the extra space that companies never thought existed in the first place. Also, while a complete remodel of a business office is no breeze, it is more comfortable and costs less than having to move out and look for a new office.

Clearly, in today's market, there is a distinct advantage of hiring office interior design companies in Bangalore to do up your office, irrespective of whether it is old or new, to keep up with the needs of today's business world.

Office Interior Design Service in Bangalore

Interior design projects don't work the way we see on TV - it's not all signed, sealed, and then delivered. Interior design is so much more than furnishings, lighting, and colour palettes - it is the process of studying and examining, analysing, understanding, and taking steps for building purpose and usefulness into creative and new ideas. Ultimately, it ends up creating a space that one truly loves and a space that makes one fall in love with their place and way of work. Read on to know about the actual, real phases an interior design projects. So that one knows what to expect before they flag off the entire process.

The office interior design process flags off with the proper execution of the planning phase are essential as this is when the interior designer undertakes client surveys to understand what the client is looking for. The designer also makes an inventory check of the existing equipment and fixtures such as furnishings and modular wall systems, snaps photographs of the space from various angles to get a visual read on the place while working out creative ideas. This phase ends with the critical activity of discussing the project with the client, mapping out timelines and coming up with budgets which are agreeable to both parties.

Next up is the design development phase where appropriate alternatives are drawn up for space and floor plans to allow the client to see the space from various perspectives. Here the client is given a selection of finishes and furnishings, mouldings, window and ceiling treatments, flooring options, wall systems and coverings, colour palettes, and more. A spectrum of possibilities is present to the client for review and approval.

Once the detailed design drawings finalized, The client has to review the finish, equipment, fixtures, furnishings, and modular wall systems, presentation boards, are drawn up for the client's review and proposal.

Here the interior designer makes regular site visits to make sure that the interior design process is going according to the specifications. They oversee the work of the subcontractors and ensure that the work is progressing as planned and on schedule. They also coordinate the delivery and installation of the materials and items ordered for the construction/remodel of the office, such as seating furniture, blinds and curtains, shelves, etc. The interior designer in this phase makes sure that the various areas of the office are correctly built. According to specifications, including a reception area, waiting rooms, cubicles/working spaces, meeting/conference rooms, pantry areas with a place for stove and sink storage areas, etc. The office design theme mostly takes shape here. Design Arc's themes, for instance, include Regular client meetings are held to update the client about the progress of it all.

The construction phase might be the most important, but the safety and precaution phase is a close second. In this phase, the interior designer and their team check the following systems for safety of use - cooling/heating, ventilation, light switches and lighting including emergency lighting, acoustics/noise, communication and power cables routing, emergency exit and fire escapes, first-aid kits, fire alarm and fire extinguisher placement, as well as the setup for emergency water sprinklers.

This phase is all about the evaluation of the project design and support systems. The final walkthrough of the project is to audit whether the project is built based on the specification. If anything left out, a list of missing or damaged goods undergo for final inventory and instructions are given out for proper care and maintenance of all the new components that have to fit into the office. Finally, the project is signed off by the interior designer and their team, ready to be used.

Hiring an interior designer to do up your office space has several advantages. It saves the client’s money, increasing the value of the commercial space, the remodel/decor is done up within budget. According to the client's specifications, there are modern, value additions that an interior designer makes, and there's access to a broader spectrum of materials and items that the client otherwise wouldn't have been able to procure on their own. So, the office interior design process has its own set of benefits that make the office space not only modern and functional but also value-for-money.

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(6000 SFT)
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(6000 SFT)
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(38,000 SFT)
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(6000 SFT)
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(6000 SFT)
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(5500 SFT)
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(5800 SFT)
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(12000 SFT)
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(15000 SFT)
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(26000 SFT)
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HGS - Corporate Office
(55000 SFT)
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(6500 SFT)
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(18000 SFT)
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(32000 SFT)

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We are a team of highly-skilled and extremely prolific designers and interior space décor professionals. We get our highs from transforming our clients' vision into reality, even better than their imagination. Our thoughtful and innovative interior design solutions are initiated by partnering closely with our clients.


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Our Clients


1) What is corporate interior design Company?

Corporate interior design is the creation of visually interesting office space. They follow a certain theme, infuse new life and interest in an otherwise ordinary space, improves the space for employees and adds value to a business.

2) Why office interior design is important?

Well-designed interiors of offices augment employee attitude, efficiency, productivity, and morale. Well-thought-out, pleasing, and organized interiors appeal to clients, telling about the business' success and promoting confidence in it. Also, they demonstrate the business' purpose and function.

3) Can you do a small office space interior design services?

Yes, we can offer the best small office interior design solutions for all of the client's needs. We focus on accommodating everything that the client wishes for in their offices as well as optimise working spaces as well as storage options.

4) What are all the areas you will cover in office interior design?

As a leading best office interior designers in Bangalore, we takes care of the entire design services for offices, including the foyer interior design and decoration services, cubicles interior design and decoration services, conference room's interior design services, individual offices, collaboration spaces, and more. We also offer customized design ideas for office interior designs as per the client's specific work requirements.

5) How long you will give support once the project is completed?

Support given post completion of project depends on what the design requirements are. Connect with our office interior decorators in Bangalore to help you out.

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