Luxurious Modern Office Interior Design Trends of 2019

Office design is both an art and a science, playing a significant role in both the productivity of the employees as well as the capacity of a business to function. Today, offices all over India are all about the comfort and wellbeing of employees, while designing a space that is relaxing and less sterile. If we talk about the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore, multipurpose, creative, and innovative office design trends on the rise, and office interior designers in Bangalore aren't scrimping on luxury either. Here are the hottest luxurious, modern office interior design trends in 2019:

Experience-driven workspaces

One of the most thrilling trends in modern office interior design is the arrival of experience-driven workspaces, which effectively blend working environments and leisure facilities, truly addressing the eternal quest for a work-life balance. Today, elements such as music and theatre stages/areas, virtual reality gaming spaces, game rooms, cocktail and espresso bars, rock climbing walls, jogging/walking trails, yoga studios, acupuncture and holistic medicine offerings, meditation areas, chiropractor consultation and massage therapy spaces, and more are fast becoming a part of the work fabric. The focus will remain flexible, co-habitation workspaces which promote collaboration and creativity at work, with the inclusion of comfortable chairs and couches, mobile, lightweight furniture, portable wall dividers, multi-use meeting areas, and offices with an open-plan design.

Biophilic designs

Bringing nature "inside" office spaces is something that has been and continues to be on the mind of both the designers and the clients today. Referred to as the "second nature trend" sometimes, biophilic designs include incorporating natural elements from the world around us and promoting more eco-friendly business practices. Think "living" walls covered with green moss in the lobby or plants growing in driftwood as showpiece elements. Biophilic luxury office interior designs also include employing natural themes and textures like water features, bamboo, jute and cane - for instance woven, rattan chandelier lights.

Vintage vs. modern

A "trend" essentially means that what once was out-of-date will have its day in the field again. Office design pretty much functions in the same way, and one of the hottest trends in office interior design this year is fusing modern design and art with historic elements including showpieces, decor, and even architecture. For instance, utterly modern start-ups are being housed in out-of-commission warehouses. What's more, refurbished office furniture is a great way of making a design statement, reducing impact on the environment and being eco- friendly, and saving costs too!


Popular in the fashion world, colour-blocking combines solid colours which are nowhere near on the colour wheel. This results in combinations that are eye-catching and utterly gorgeous - think blues clashing with orange and yellow, or bright pinks popping against greens. This bold gesture has made its way to modern offices in 2019, and is especially popular with companies in the creative space which give different areas of their work their own distinctive colour. It makes looking for a certain department fun, and the association is visually stunning.

"Non-office" spaces

What does an "office" look like? Is an office space supposed to "look" a certain way? Interior designers today definitely do not think so, taking designing and building cues from other spaces such as hotels and gyms. For a luxury office interior design, think cozy, unique furniture and mood lighting - and office spaces transform into something new.

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