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Design Arc Interiors, An interior design studio in Bangalore established in 2008 evolved from a sensitive understanding of the regular work culture context to a firmly rooted design ideology to break the regular work culture stereotype and built a bigger and better work habitat. We are a team of highly skilled & extremely prolific interior designers with a highly efficient project management team. Design arc interior is one of the leading interior design company in HSR LAYOUT that transforms clients' aspirations into reality.
Commercial Interior Designers in HSR Layout
With a deep-rooted understanding of how to reform and develop commercial interior spaces, like office, retail, industrial, leisure and healthcare, we choose to focus on office interiors. We were determined to understand and reform the regular work culture habitat which will have a significant impact on design and space planning. During the neoteric era, the entire office space planning and ideology towards design have taken a dynamic transformation which will henceforth lead to building a better work culture environment.
Office Interior Design Company in HSR Layout
In the past few decades, it was evident that a bunch of young tribes was pitching a new path to build their carrier, This leads to the growth and development of commercial buildings/office space in all the metro cities around the globe, Especially in Bangalore lot of interior design companies in HSR Layout has started pitching office interiors as their core design path. This made people think out of the box, they initiated ideas to create a better workspace where they spent a large volume of time to build a better living.
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Founded in June 2006, Design Arc provides one stop interiors and decor solutions in Bangalore and other cities. Being a decade old company in the silicon city our Design firm is consistently recognized for its business acumen and its variety of innovative design solutions that impeccably blend functional and aesthetic needs. Be it classy, warm and vibrant home interiors or elegant, edgy but equally tranquil office interior spaces or effective and functional commercial interior spaces we deliver it all.


Our approach towards design is to work for a better creative space where people work and learn together, our philosophy is to 'DEVELOP AND REFORM'. Keeping this in mind we begin with our core idea to understand the user interphase, carbon footprint, client requirement, and branding. These are the major criteria that any design studio follows as a key step to designing a better workspace for their tribe. Design arc interiors is the one of the best interior design company in HSR Layout We aim to keep up the standards that satisfy the users and leave a creative mark behind, which henceforth helps us to build better office spaces.

  • Meet and ideate
  • Ideas and Concept
  • Deliver and Install

Understanding the user interphase has a significant role in designing a space, for a better understanding of project/brand you need to meet people of the respective branch and discuss on the possible ways on creating a better workspace that will transform your thought and guides you to the right path. A detailed design discussion, design iteration and understanding the budget, design aesthetic of the brand will help you ideate better ideas which will lead to build a better creative workspace.

Our concrete design ideology is to create and reform the existing design strategy and to develop new creative ideas which will break the regular module of designing an office space. We ideate concepts that amalgamate with the brand, understanding the client requirement and the existing language of the space. Spatial planning and layout design is the initial step towards designing the space, Ones this is approved by the client we look into different design iteration that will match the space. We are the best interior decorators in HSR Layout who ideates creative Design that develops best design solution for our customers

We are a team of highly creative and inventive designers and skilled craftsman, who can deliver the ultimate quality to our clients with conventional accuracy, our focus is to install and deliver premium quality to our clients, and we take over turnkey projects that can transform client's imagination to reality, Interior renovation, Soft furnishing, MEP design and contracting These are core areas that we work around. We make sure to provide best interior design service in HSR Layout.

OUR Interior Design Services in HSR Layout

We, the design arc an interior design studio in HSR Layout focus on Turnkey interior contracting, Civil MEP & interior construction and project management. Our core design approach is to build best commercial office interiors and other commercial sector projects. We try to give our best, in all aspects of design

Why Choose Our Interior Decorators in HSR Layout

We cover all the aspects in interior design and interior planning that fulfills client requirement and we do not compromise on quality of work. Ones the team receives project confirmation they work close knitted for an extraordinary outcome. Since we work with a bigger team, we could channel the work as per the project deadline, we make sure that we stick to project deadlines provided by the client and handover it on time.
Understanding the volume of project, customer budget per square foot and style of project, i.e. what does the client actually look for? Do they need a premium, minimal or vibrant design feature? The design language, quality and quantity of materials used for the project of the space matters a lot when it comes to budget, so before starting the project we prepare a checklist for a better clarity and then draft a bill of quantity. We make sure we produce a customer friendly budget which is economical and feasible that meets all the client requirements.

Project Handover and Quality of materials.

Ensuring the usage of best quality of materials and handing over the project is the most significant step that we take ones we get the project confirmation. We assure to take over projects that can be completed within the given deadline. And we are glad to be the best interior design service providers in HSR Layout
Our team is involved in both design and execution, on the same time we take over execution projects and collaborate with other designers and architects. In order to deliver the project on time we never compromise on the quality of material installed in their space. After every project completion, site supervisors are assigned to take a snag list, to rectify the mistake or incompleteness in the project. This helps to assure our customers the best quality service from our team.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the different styles adapted for office interiors?
    During the past decades, commercial office interiors followed a typical design pattern, which has gradually reformed into a better creative design solution. It's been a few years since office interior design has taken a creative jump and delivered a creative workspace for the young tribe. Now let's look into the different styles of design aesthetics adapted for commercial office interiors;


    The term "Minimalism" reminds a design principle of the great American architect Ludwig Mies van der rohe - LESS IS MORE. Being Minimal is the new normal; the young tribe is attracted to vibrant hues but the acceptance of minimalism stands the same. Minimal-designed spaces are more elegant, subtle, and visually pleasing. Colors and Design elements have equal significance when you adapt minimal design aesthetics, mostly monochromatic color palates are used for minimally designed spaces, Not only do monochromatic hues, any subtle color palettes work for a minimal design aesthetic.

    Vibrant & cozy

    Vibrant spaces are always fun to work with, our brain always stays energized and content if you are able to surround yourself with high spirited hues, and it amplifies your mood and makes you more productive. The one major criterion to be followed when designing a vibrant space, make sure you use an appropriate color palette ,especially when it comes to office interiors colors do have an impact on spaces. Amidst the formal spaces, having few cozy corners enhances the overall vibe of the area.


    Any day classy style calls for subtle hues especially white, grey, and beige and some indoor landscape elevates the aesthetic of the space. The materials and decor used in this particular style look premium and make the space look very elegant. Classic styles are balanced and only certain elements are emphasized, the use of light wood color is a major design element in a classy design aesthetic.
  • What are the basic design elements that enhance a typical office space?
    Office interior design revolves around five major design principles - spatial organization, Emphasis, Contrast, and hierarchy. Spatial organization is the first and foremost step toward the design Development. Office interiors work with a certain hierarchy of space and follow certain standards. Workstations and other formal spaces are designed with appropriate standards. Spaces like breakout/Collab space, dry pantry, and cafeteria are the informal gathering spaces that stand out from the formal spaces. We talk about the emphasis in office interiors in certain areas where spaces are emphasized in terms of color or scale, Contrast, works the same way round every single space in an office is designed in such a way, that the transformation of space is mostly through appropriate hues and patterns.
  • What is the significant influence of Indoor landscape on office interiors?
    During the past few decades installing indoor plants or finding a corner for plants was not a major criterion. But now the significance of indoor landscaping in office interior has taken a wider turn and it's proven that indoor landscaping boosts the work productivity of the tribe and the space doesn't give a claustrophobic feel, it is advised by design experts to provide more semi-open spaces for office interiors. Adapting more sustainable design elements and adding more green spaces saves a lot of energy produced from the space. Top interior design companies have already adapted sustainable and biophilic design principles to build a better working community.
  • What is the user's perspective on office interior design?
    Spatial planning for office interiors is initiated after analyzing the user interphase, age group of the tribe, and Purpose of the user. This information helps the designer/Architect to understand how to plan the space, the design style, and the brand aesthetics. In the recent years, office interior design has taken a major deviation from the typical design pattern to create a very happening and user-friendly space where the workspace doesn't have a typical style and each space is connected or breakdowns into a collaborative space, where people spend more quality time for informal meetings and other casual gatherings. The young tribe/Users are looking for more sustainable, Energy efficient and high-spirited workspaces that will increase work productivity.
  • What is the Impact of installing workstations in an office space?
    Workstations are meant to be ergonomically designed with great aesthetics, providing comfort and safety for the users. The workspace is an office area that needs to have appropriate tables and moveable office chairs that are designed with proper ergonomics. This provides the user comfort, ease of use, and productivity and reduces back / neck pain, There are a lot of health benefits while using such office furniture. Workstations provide privacy to the users with the use of separators, which are of different types, most office spaces prefer fabric, lacquered glass, and acoustic separators. We can also provide storage spaces under the table for the user. The alignment of the workstation table depends upon the volume of space and the number of users.

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