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Change is the only constant in life- a theory universally proven in all walks of life. Like every other industry, Interior design Bangalore has also witnessed immense changes over the years. Bangalore which is always synonymous with fashion and trend believes that designs are an extension of one's personality. Keeping up with latest designing trends and merging them with individual tastes, is what Bangaloreans like.

Let us define what trends are first.

Trends are a new manifestation of new enablers unlocking existing human needs. The scope is so diverse now that interior design Bangalore has fragmented into a variety of specialised micro-disciplines within residential design such as apartment interior, home interior, modular kitchen, wardrobe design, TV unit design, etc.

The classical opulent styles of the bygone eras have made a comeback with new modern contemporary overtone. The emphasis is on detailing and accessories play a very important role in completing the look. Luxury infused space utilising simple elements is the emphasis of a style statement in interior design Bangalore.

With the appropriate utilization of thoughts, any home can be changed over into a fantasy house. The most straightforward strategy of any home or apartment interior mantra is to keep it clean and simple.

Be prepared for a bright year filled with cheery colours, mixed patterns, happy motifs and a few unexpected twists from us this year. Let us look at the different trends for each part of our home interior for the year 2017.

The walls of any apartment interior or home interior can be made with a cheery shade of green. Refresh and revitalize with greenery given the hectic pace of our lives. As far as motifs are considered, the butterflies, considered as a symbol of both grace and optimism tops the list. No longer are they designated only to children's room but rather celebrated in a variety of spaces with sophistication.

Faux finishes will be fashionable in 2017. Faux wood ceilings do not rot or bow like real wood. Faux fur, mohair, and other luxuriously soft materials like velvets and cotton, and beautiful luxe yarns will be the texture in demand by in the near future by interior design Bangalore.

Interior Design Bangalore

In many homes, the kitchen is the hub of family life and space is allotted for casual dining. Modular kitchen requires modern kitchen storage organizer to make enough space and make it look classy and aesthetic. A kitchen well-designed with the latest modular kitchen accessories improves the magnificence of one's home tremendously. When it comes to cabinets and backsplashes, the color white dominates in kitchens, and introduction to wood helps break the monotony. Next to wood, polished black stainless steel is slowly coming into the limelight for its classy and sophisticated look.

Wardrobe design with handle less cabinets help create a chic, linear look in your home. Built-in units with push-click catches are great multipurpose furniture and using them to frame a TV helps to minimise its bulk, as opposed to simply mounting it on a plain wall or having a separate TV unit design.

A well-planned professionally designed space is now well within the grasp of the people and is being reflected in the growing interior design Bangalore industry.