How to Make Your Office Safe for Work During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Life has changed a lot since the arrival of the new enemy in people's life, COVID-19. But there is one question haunting each one of us the most, how do we manage to continue doing our jobs and earn our bread and butter on a regular basis? Survival is tough these days, and managing office work in such a difficult situation is no matter of joke.

But human beings have always been known for their ability to think and work in the best way possible. Survival is in our blood and there is nothing that we cannot get used to with a bit of will power and lot of adjustments. That is all the employees in an office has to follow to keep COVID-19 spread in control.

How to Work Safely at the Office?

People need to figure out new ways of working at office in the current circumstances. Things will not be the same as it was in earlier days. We are living in what the media is calling 'New Normal', where things like masks and sanitizers are essential items. It is exceptionally difficult to implement the government regulated COVID-safety protocols in close-knit offices and workplaces. But it is what we all need to do without missing a beat, for the sake of our own safety and that of our coworker's.

  1. Health and Hygiene: One of the essential factors which you must follow to keep outspread of COVID-19 minimal is to maintain health hygiene. Now you must be wondering how to maintain hygiene at office premises. Here is how,
    • There must be a sanitizing unit inside the office premises to allow the staffs to sanitize their hands at regular intervals.
    • The office must take care of the hygiene of the place with the utmost care. The procedure of sanitization should not only stop to the staffs. Hourly sanitization of the whole office is necessary.
    • Availability of antibacterial wipes in the office premises is necessary to prevent Corona spread.
  2. Social Distancing: Another important thing which all the staffs should follow is Social Distancing in the office premises. The spacing in-between each sit has to have a minimum distance of one meter. The office workers must sit either side-to-side or back-to-back to avoid the COVID-19 spread.
  3. Social Distancing
  4. Work in Shifts: The best way to prevent COVID-19 spread is to maintain work schedules in shifts. It is best to avoid gatherings at the office. The workers can divide the work in different shifts to avoid meetings in the office.
  5. Deep Cleaning and Sanitizing: Deep Cleaning has become an essential factor in the maintenance of health and hygiene in such pandemic. The office should get proper Cleaning now and then to fight against COVID-19. Cleaning areas where workers often visit like washrooms, exposed doorknobs, handles, chairs, tables and other furniture must be wiped clean with surface disinfectant always. This procedure helps in maintaining minimal contact among the people.
  6. Deep Cleaning and Sanitizing
  7. Additional Safety Precautions: the points mentioned above might not be sufficient to maintain the healthy atmosphere of the office. Here are a few more small steps which you can take towards a healthy lifestyle even in the pandemic of COVID-19:
    • Developing small sanitizing units in various corners of the office might be a big step towards COVID-19 prevention. Such units would help in keeping the office atmosphere as well as its staffs healthy inside the premises.
    • Regular body temperature checkups of the staffs are an essential point which all the offices should remember. The introduction of the heat gun at the checkup points is a must. Even if a team gets one degree higher temperature than usual, he or she should immediately go for a COVID-19 test to prevent it from spreading among others.
    • Regular body temperature checkups
    • The offices should have a little distance between the public areas like washroom and the inner office. Even if the office cannot have space, it should at least arrange for some Perspex screenings to separate the places.
    • The working desks should only have the necessary items to prevent contact with things. It should not have papers or other decorative materials at all at least in the time of the pandemic.
    • The office should provide a lot of privileges to the workers at the time of COVID-19 pandemic such as work from home, distance working, online office hours, day leaves without much complain if the worker cannot manage to reach office, etc. These small steps would not only prevent COVID-19 spread but would also increase the compatibility among the workers and the company.

If you want the above points to be right at your office place too, then you can contact Design Arc, the best interior decors for the healthiest atmosphere at your office. This post will give you fair chance to learn more about Design Arc and its role in making your office a better place to work in.

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