A company that specializes in design thinking and innovation services Moonraft offers customer experience services using a data-driven experimentation-based approach to create experiences that turn consumers into brand advocates. Located in HSR Layour and spread over 32000 sq feet area, for Moonraft’s corporate office we chose colours that reflects the brand– muted grey and blue.The foyer is an eclectic comfort zone with an arched sofa in grey and blue. A spiral pendant light right on top of an oval table gives a futuristic spin to the space and also makes for great optics. The carpet is a light cream and grey with stripes of red, black and yellow on it.

We designed a minimalistic workspace with yellow blinds that adds vitality to the space where innovation happens. Each cluster of workspace has a small cabinet with plants on topbringing you a touch of nature. We used partitions to demarcate space and also to add a few books, collectables and awards. Small huddle rooms that can accommodate over four chairs is designed to keep the employees focussed on the work. Large huddle rooms for bigger teams comes with a cafeteria-like benches, pendant lights over a long table on one side with provisions to make coffee or tea or a light snack. A formal conference table on the other end keeps things official even while you snack away. It’s a win-win.

A recreation room carpeted with green, relaxing tables, cream benches spread over an entire hall provides the ambience for great R & R. A break room right ahead the workspace with a vivid purple sofa partitioned in the middle literally allows the employees to put their feet, think differently and break out of the mould. A multi-coloured vividly patterned plaid carpet with hues of crimson, yellow and blue is laid down demarcating the space between serious and relaxation. We also designed an entire wall of small open shelves to house books, souvenirs and other collectables that mark the future history of the company.

The open plan of the office gives us room to put in more spaces where one can literally rethink their strategy. The L-Shaped floor has a row of workspace clusters while the on the right a dark olive green sofa with additional chairs to chat up, come up with new ideas, plan office parties…. possibilities are endless. A whiteboard on the opposite can be used for demonstrations, future plans or even for a sport of Pictionary.

AREA : 32000 SFT