Building Open Collaborative Space

Most office spaces are ditching cubicles in favour of collaborative designs. As an office trend, this kind of space design makes the employees feel inclusive and increases interaction. More and more people use laptops these days, and with wireless internet and cloud technology, employees are not tied to their desks. They can move around. With minimal partitions, offices desks are becoming broader to accommodate more than one employee in desk.

Here are a few ideas from interior designers in Bangalore that you can implement -

Comfortable Collaboration

Those who love to employ minimalistic themes can go for a long table with minimal partitions to demarcate the space. Sometimes, partitions are done away with because it might require an entire team to huddle up around one table or work on either side of it. Most often tables are bookended by employees sitting on either side working together over banter, conversation, doubts and clarifications.

Coffee table ambience

Some workplaces opt for a coffee table ambience in their main workplace area while some maintain just one section of the space. Most office Interior Designers in Bangalore love to adopt this design as it brings in an ambience of relaxation, a cheery interactive atmosphere among the employees and it's always a challenge to bring in an entirely different design within a space that has traditionally been sedate and not social. Add a few colourful carpets, pendant lights and a couple of bean bags, it's really a home away from home.

Long winding sofas and low desks

Ever wondered why so many people are seen tapping away on their laptops in coffee shops and restaurants. For one thing, the seats are comfortable, food and drinks can be ordered whenever required and one can work sans stress.

To get this ambience, you will need long cushy sofas with low tables preferably situated near a coffee vending machine will go a long way in boosting productivity levels among employees. This space can be mixed up with some cushioned bar stools and a long square table. Add a few more cushions, some natural light, cross ventilation and throw in some hot tea and samosas. You will find yourself with some very loyal employees. What's fascinating is the fact that most Office Interior Designers in Bangalore have adopted this design within workplaces and have found that the employees' productivity levels have increased by leaps and bounds.

Private Cubicles

Not everything can be collaborative in today's workplace. Need for private quiet space to finish the work without any distractions is also present. That's why most Office Interior Design Company in Bangalore provide space for private cubicles and enclosed cabins in their office designs. Today's private cubicles are by no means a throwback on the cubicles in the traditional sense. These are spaces with single or double seater sofa with a table in the middle. Enclosures like this can be put up anywhere in the office space and it lends to the fluidity of the design. Some private cubicles are designed as a circle with a long-running sofa and low tables, that can comfortably seat a small team for a brainstorming session.

Play Area

No, we are still talking about office space and not about kindergarten. And yes, we do need areas within the office space giving the employees a chance to play their stress away. Table Tennis tables, football, swings, board games, carrom boards can be installed all through the office space. Who knows, what idea might strike even as you hit the TT ball?

Today, most office space interior designers in Bangalore are designing workplaces with a combination of all these trends. That said, as a company who has been in the design space for a very long time, we have always believed that research is the key to a successful design. Before we undertake an office space design, we analyse the way the employees are currently working and imagine how better they could work if only they had the right ambience. We have never believed the adage that 'adding more open space' will result in effective collaboration within the company. Instead, investing in research and effectively understanding the business needs of the client and translating the same into the design is the need of the hour.

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