COVID-19 Update: Here's how we ensure a safe office interior experience. Read More 

Pre process- Regular routinely sanitization every 4 hours, in our offices, factories and experience centres.

  • Social distancing is maintained strictly among all employees and 25+ separate cabins for meetings in experience centres for all clients to be comfortable and safe.
  • We measure all circumstances and situations before scheduling client meetings and provide specific timings for individually dedicated spaces for ones who visit us.
  • We have a team of experts just to ensure our client's safety and guide them with all measures before they proceed to our experience centre.
  • Masks and gloves are provides as our clients would enter our premises maintaining constant temperature checks and distance.
  • Carrying out germ-free sanitizing procedures before and after meetings and client visits.

You are in safer hands


Every staff and employee is tested with a thermal scanner before they enter the offices and experience centres.

One to one virtual experience


Every customer will experience virtual designing with complete assistance as we want to make sure all stay safe. We care a lot about you!



Designing wouldn't seem to be a problem even from your home, with just a few clicks you can customize and modify your homes only with the NARACI platform.



We handle all our products with complete care and safety by perform sanitization checks before sending them to you.

Convenience and ease


All information relating your delivery can be supervised by using the mobile application to know the current status of your interior products.

Pre-delivery checks


Once the product reaches your doorstep, our personnel would confirm the safety of your environment before entering. Our team will carry thermal scanners, gloves and masks beforehand.

Post-delivery procedure and completion


To ensure a stronger protection, Design Arc goes an extra step post-completion by deep cleaning and fumigating before handing over to you.

"You and Your products are in safe hands! Our complete and effortless no contact doorstep delivery is nothing like any other out there. Our first priority is your well-being and timely delivery of your product."

- Design Arc


Is it a good time to design my home?

Yes, absolutely. We will assist you from start to end with a complete no contact policy and strict guidelines even during delivery and installation. You can meet us through online consultations on video calls. We will take care of anything from temperature checks to fumigation.

How can I meet my interior designer?

You can meet us by choosing from either one of the two ways -

  1. through online consultation.
  2. Visit us at our experiences centres with complete safety measure, social distancing and contactless procedures. In case, your site is under the Red containment zone, then the only option remains is through online consultation.

Can I have a meeting at home?

The experience centres are safe and we highly recommend you to visit us at those. We will be ready to assist you through online consultations at your preferred time as well.

How will the site be measured?

You can share a floor plan with us and our designers will take it from there. If the floor plan is not available then we will assign a representative to visit your site from our end. However, the personnel will follow all safety protocols with every step.

How long will the entire project take to finish?

We will keep the progress and timelines updated with you through discussions with our team. In difficult times like these, we have been the best we can to deliver projects and to make up for the lost time. We assure you speedier progresses with the safest methods.